CCA is an exceptional Christian day school for 3 year-old enriched kindergarten to twelfth grade. Cape Christian Academy is non-denominational and neither teaches nor promotes the doctrine or ecclesiastical viewpoint of any single church or denomination. Established in 1991 as a result of a merger between Cape May County Christian School and South Cape Christian Academy, the school is organized as a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors.  Our heritage goes back to 1978 when South Jersey Christian Academy was established. 



We believe that parents have the responsibility for the education of their children. Cape Christian is an institution developed to aid and complement the family. Our educational philosophy is to clearly teach our students the truth about God, about life and living, about our world and all it holds, about the nature of mankind, and how to love people of all kinds through the power of Jesus Christ, and to present the Word of God as the absolute source of authority upon which to build a purposeful and meaningful life.



1. To present the Bible as the only Word of God and the final authority in all matters. 

2.  To relate all curriculum matter with the absolute truth of Scripture.

3. To teach kindness, courtesy,  love, and other Christian principles and to create an atmosphere of learning and fellowship.

4. To teach that the Bible is to be applied to every aspect of a student's life.

5. To teach patriotism and love of God and country.

6. To teach Christians to live with non-Christians and to accept Christians who hold  a different viewpoint.

7. To prepare the students for adult responsibilities as a citizen of heaven.

8. To provide an uncompromising staff of dedicated, born again teachers and administrators. 

9. To teach academic skills of the highest caliber.

10.To provide a total education, not only academically, but also spiritually, physically, and socially as well.





Academic Excellence – God’s word is alive and active here                  

Perseverance- always pressing toward the prize in Christ Jesus, never giving up                   

Equipped- putting on the full armor of God


Character driven                                   

Humility- broken/contrite heart, following the example of Christ         


Integrity- honesty, law abiding, conviction of issues, doing the right thing when nobody’s looking                                         

Servant attitude

Trusting in the Lord- Prov 3:5-6- Trust in the Lord always...

Inter-dependency – contributing your skills and talents &accepting assistance from others to benefit the community

Appreciation- give thanks in all things

Niceness- kindness, good manners, forgiveness