By the grace of God, Cape Christian Academy is a loving Christ-centered ministry, assisting the family and church in preparing students for a life of Godly understanding and servant leadership, by providing excellent education established upon a biblical world-view.



In the 1970's  a group of Godly men met to discuss forming a Christian School in Cape May County.  Cape Christian Academy is the result of that meeting.  Over the years, several Christian Schools in the community merged together.  As early as 1973, Heritage Academy met at 123 Fishing Creek Road, North Cape May at Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Pastor George Fincke was instrumental in the school during its formation and beginning years.

South Jersey Christian Academy was also meeting in Erma during this time.  It opened in 1979 at Tabernacle Methodist Church.  Jack Elliot was the first Board President, and Francis Jackson was Principal that first year.  The Elliot, Cloer, Douglas  and Steve and Karen Taylor families were instrumental in the founding of the school.

Cape May County Christian School was the third Christian School in the county.  It met at Faith Fellowship Chapel in Cape May Court House.  Mr. John Norton was one of the founding members of Cape May County Christian School.  Over the years, these schools merged together to form Cape Christian Academy.  A building was built in 1986 and the property was purchased from Faith Fellowship Chapel.

Today, Cape Christian Academy is expanding again by building its own gymnasium to facilitate physical education, performing arts, and extra-curricular instruction such as basketball and volleyball.  At times it has been a rocky road, but God is in control and to God be the Glory for the lives that have been changed, are being changed, and will be changed in the future!   Jesus is Lord, and through Him we are made perfect.  If not on this earth, when we meet Him in Glory!