Cape Christian Academy strives to partner with home school families who share our Statement of Faith.


Homeschoolers may participate in on-campus classes.  They may choose an individual class, all morning, or all afternoon classes.  This provides an excellent opportunity for home school students to get to know other students, or meet the need for a challenging class such as a science lab, or advanced math class.  All of our teachers hold Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees, with several working on or possessing Masters' degrees.


Homeschoolers  may also participate in sports.  CCA has teams in Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Softball.  We would like to expand our sports programs and assistant coaching opportunities are available to home school parents.

Many home school families want to gauge where students excel and where student weaknesses occur.  Cape Christian Academy allows Homeschoolers to participate in Standardized testing.  The TerraNova test is scheduled each April at CCA.  Testing occurs over 3 mornings and costs $30 including the processing of results.  Results are for parental information only, and are available in late May or early June.  Please call in February or pre-register anytime using the form below if you are interested.

Homeschoolers may participate in PSAT testing in October.  This test is traditionally taken in 11th grade and is used for many college scholarship opportunities,  Students may take this test in 9th or 10th grade as a preparation, with test results counting for scholarships in 11th grade,  Students wishing to take the PSAT test with CCA must register by September 1st.

Besides traditional education, Cape Christian Academy also uses Alpha and Omega's online school "Ignitia" for some elective classes.  Ignitia has online classes for students in grades 3 through 12.  Standard classes include Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science, and History.  There is a large array of elective classes such as Business Computer Information Systems, Digital Arts, Music Appreciation, Music Theory. Business, Civil War, Vietnam Era. Communications, the Story of the Constitution, Spanish, French, Office Applications, Physical Education, Personal Financial Literacy, Physical Fitness, Health, Small Business Entrepreneurship and College Planner.  There are also classes available in AP Calculus, and AP US History.  Homeschool students may use this program for one or more classes at a very reasonable rate.  You may review course information by clicking this link.

We also maintain a home school e-mail list and can put you in contact with other Homeschoolers (with their permission).  To keep you up to date with these opportunities, or to be added to our list, please fill out the information below.

We strive to meet your individual needs.  Please call us if we can be of assistance.


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