Starting your child in school is a big decision!  Starting them off early can give them a big advantage.  Cape Christian Academy offers Pre-Kindergarten for 2 1/2 through 4-year-old children.  K-3 and K-4 is a fun balance of learning and social play.  Our family atmosphere is a great environment for small children.  Students feel welcome and loved at CCA.  Younger students are partnered with an older student for Prayer Partners.  Both the younger and older students love getting together with their prayer partners.  The younger students look up to the older students, and the older students encourage the younger students. 

Our Pre-Kindergarten prepares students for success in Kindergarten.  Many students are sounding out words by the time they complete Pre-Kindergarten.  Some students are reading sentences.  Bible is also an integral part of our Pre-Kindergarten program.