Cape Christian Academy has continuous enrollment and welcomes new students any time of the year.  Our students are very welcoming of new students and we invite you to become part of our family.  We encourage prospective students to "shadow" for the day to get an idea of what is is like to be a student at CCA.  Call us at (609) 465-4132 today to set up an appointment.


"When I first came to Cape Christian Academy, I shadowed for the day.  I thought I would just sit in the classes and observe for the day.  I was surprised that the students and the teachers included me in everything.  I had a great experience and have made many friends since then.  I love that we are like a family here."
 7th Grader

"I love my teachers and learning about God in school.  I like seeing my prayer partner in the hallway and praying with him each week."
  4th Grader