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Online Grades

Cape Christian Academy uses Renweb 
as our grading program.  Parents are encouraged to check their children's progress regularly.  Students may also check on their progress and view their grades by signing on to Renweb. Contact the school if you are unable to access Renweb.

Hot Lunch Program

Parents can order lunches through our website to Access Hot Lunches Online.  Our lunch program features several options each day brought to our school from local area restaurants.  Lunches must be ordered at least a day in advance.  Click here to create your account or order lunch.

Online School Option

Cape Christian Academy partners with Alpha and Omega Publications for online classes.  Ignitia is an online school for students in 3rd through 12th grade.  All classes are Biblically based.  Students at Cape Christian Academy may use Ignitia for elective classes like computers, foreign languages, business, digital art, or communications.  Homeschoolers may partner with Cape Christian Academy to take one or more classes through Ignitia.  Other homeschool options are available through CCA such as participating in sports programs.  Contact the school for more information.  Click here to login to Ignitia.