Pre-Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade:

  • Polo Shirt- Navy or white; long or short sleeves with CCA logo sized appropriately.
  • Turtleneck- Navy or white; may be worn alone or under a logo CCA polo shirt.
  • Uniform pants: Navy or khaki uniform dress pants with no more than four pockets made from polyester/cotton or polyester twill. Pants must be loose fitting, appropriately sized, and worn at the waist. Pants must fit snugly at the waistline and not below. No denim, jean style, baggy or wide leg, drawstring, or cargo pants are allowed. Low riders and hip hugger pants are unacceptable.
  • Sweaters: Navy, white or solid gray sweaters may be worn over a CCA approved shirt.
  • Footwear: Students are encouraged to wear sneakers to school.   Sandals, open-toed, open-backed shoes, high heels and heelies are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Shorts: Navy or khaki may be worn, made from polyester/cotton or polyester twill, exclusive of ornamentation, loose fitting and must be worn at the waist. Shorts must be knee length or longer.
  • Socks: Navy, white or khaki.
  • Boots: From November 1 to March 31, boots may be worn in the classroom. Boots must be navy, white, black, or brown (tan). Snow boots must be removed when inside the building.
  • Bracelets, if worn, are limited to two per wrist.
  • Hats, gloves, sun glasses, scarves or other clothing/accessories may not be worn inside the buildings.

Students should wear a CCA logo navy blue polo shirt and khaki pants for field trips and other school dress up events unless otherwise notified.


  • White dress shirts: Shirts with tails must be tucked in at all times. Belts must be worn on pants if shirt is worn tucked in.


  • Plaid Jumpers #1948B, or solid khaki or navy: knee length or longer.
  • Plaid Skirts #1348B: knee length or longer.
  • Solid Navy or khaki dress skirts: may be pleated or straight, but not form-fitting and knee length or longer. Any slits should not come above the knee.
  • Capri Pants: Solid navy or khaki Capri pants (mid-calf length) made from polyester/cotton or polyester twill, exclusive of ornamentation, loose fitting and must be worn at the waist. Rolled up pants are not acceptable.
  • Blouses: White collared with peter pan collars or pointed collars, loose fitting.
  • Tights/pantyhose: White, navy or beige.
  • Skorts: Navy or khaki skorts knee length or longer (PK and Kindergarten may be slightly shorter to fit).
  • Jewelry: Earrings may be no longer than 1 inch, no more than 2 per ear. Hanging earrings are unacceptable below 9th grade due to safety hazards. No nose rings or studs, or any other type of body jewelry is acceptable. Earrings must be removed before P.E. classes and sports.
  •    Cosmetics - Pale lipstick and pale nail polish (in conservative colors) will be permitted. Make-up may be used in moderation in the High School only.
  •    Fragrances, if worn, are to be worn in moderation.


If a student is in violation of the dress code, the student will be allowed to look in the uniform closet for proper clothing. Otherwise, parents will be called to bring appropriate attire within 2 hours or as soon as possible. Students will not be allowed to attend any classes until they are in dress code. Classes missed will be counted as unexcused absences.


The following items are required to be worn by all students during P.E. when school starts:

  1. CCA logo P.E. T-shirt, or solid gray, navy or black T-Shirt.
  2. CCA logo P.E. Shorts, or solid gray, navy or black basketball style shorts (must be knee length).
  3. CCA logo gray sweatpants, or solid gray, black or navy Hanes style sweatpants with elastic waist & elastic ankle sweatpants.
  4. Sneakers and socks.
  5. Earrings and other jewelry must be removed before P.E. classes.

P.E. GUIDELINES (uniforms affect PE grades):

  • PK-2nd Grade - should wear their PE uniform to school on PE days.
  • 3rd-12th Grade - students will bring and change into PE uniforms on PE days.
  • Students having PE first period may wear PE uniforms to school.
  • Students having PE the last period of the day may wear PE uniforms home.


Occasionally dress down days are granted for such occasions as awards, accomplishments, parties, field trips, etc. All clothing should be in neat and clean condition. The Administrator may at anytime determine what is inappropriate. The following guidelines have been established to give boundaries in selecting dress down attire:


Girls and Boys:

1.    Slacks or jeans without rips, holes, etc.

2.    Shorts are to be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

3.    Modest shirts: shirt length must touch the hips and is to be loose and not be form fitting.

      Shirts should be without offensive or objectionable slogans or pictures.

4.   No tight fitting clothing such as spandex. No hooded shirts, or "hoodies" or other outer wear.

5.   Loose fitting athletic wear (no sweat pants in the high school for dress down)

6.   Boys must wear a T-shirt under all tops without sleeves.

7.   No open-toed or open-backed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, high heels, bedroom slippers.

8.   Girls may not wear tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or any immodest clothing.


CCA General Uniform Guidelines

The Administrator may at any time determine what is appropriate. Some styles look better on certain individuals than on others. All decisions will be made with much discretion and consideration for all concerned. If the student is asked not to wear a particular style or article of clothing that decision should be honored and respected. It is the responsibility of both parents and students to observe and keep students in school dress code. Students must enter the school building in dress code and remain in dress code until they have left for the day. All clothing is to be clean, neat, and free from rips and holes. Students must avoid extreme styles and not be a distraction to others.

1. All skirts, skorts, and dresses must be knee length or longer in approved school colors.

2. Pants must sit on waist for both boys and girls.

3. Shirts must cover the stomach when arms are raised over the head.

4. Shirts, pants, skirts and dresses must not be tight. All clothing is to be clean, neat and free from rips and holes. Students must avoid extreme styles, and not be a distraction to others.

5. No jackets, coats, hats or other garments designed for outerwear will be worn in the buildings or classrooms without permission. Unless moving to or from gym class, recess or any other time coming in or going out of the building. When wearing turtlenecks, approved sweatshirts and sweaters must be worn over them. Sweatshirts and sweaters are not to be worn alone. An approved turtleneck, polo, or dress shirt must be worn underneath.

6. Turtlenecks and polo shirts in school colors of white or navy only. The only outerwear allowed in the classroom will be white or navy sweaters (plain or CCA logo) and white or navy crew neck sweatshirts (plain or CCA logo). No other outerwear is to be worn in the classroom. Note: Hooded garments, or "hoodies" are not a part of the CCA dress code and are not to be worn in the buildings or classrooms. This includes CCA logo hooded garments.

  1. Undergarments, including undershirts must not be visible at any time.
  2. All students must have their hair clean and neatly combed. PK-6th grade students are not permitted to have artificially colored hair; 7th-12th grade students are only permitted to have artificially colored hair in a natural hair color. Boy's hair is to be moderately styled and evenly trimmed above the collar and may not extend below the eyebrows or below the middle ear (not to touch the earlobe). Students may keep hair in a pony tail provided it remains neatly fastened at all times. Hair must remain out of the eyes and off the face. Permissible hairstyles will be at the discretion of the Administrator. Extreme hairstyles are prohibited. In order to avoid conflicts, consult Administration prior to making changes.
  3. Facial Hair: Students are to be clean-shaven at all times while on campus. Sideburns must be no longer than the middle of the ear.

10. Students will be allowed to wear a relaxed dress code during specified events. An announcement will be made to students prior to these events.

11. Since styles and fashions change rapidly, CCA reserves the right to adopt and enforce dress code standards not specified in the dress code policy.